Updated: 2021-11-21

My Watchlist

  The House that Jack Built 2018   Crime, Drama, Horror
  Monsieur Lazhar 2011   Comedy, Drama
  The Lighthouse 2019   Drama, Fantasy, Horror
  In the Earth 2021   Horror
  Melancholia 2011 3 Drama, Sci-Fi
  Aniara 2018 5 Sci-Fi Space
  Come to Daddy 2019 3 Horror Mystery
  The Last Days on Mars 2013 1 Sci-Fi Space Horror
  There's Someone Inside Your House 2021 1 Horror Slashser
  Creep 2 2017 3 Horror Indie
  Hostel: Part III 2011 2 Horror
  Vivarium 2019 3 Horror
  His House 2020 4 Drama, Horror, Thriller
  Prospect 2018 3 Sci-Fi Space Cowboy
  High Life 2018 4 Sci-Fi Space
  Burning 2018 5 Drama, Mystery
  The Ritual 2017 3 Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  Midsommer 2019 2 Drama, Horror, Mystery
  Hereditary 2018 2 Drama, Horror, Mystery
  The Holy Mountain 1973 5 Fantasy Surreal
  Children of Men 2006 5 Sci-Fi Apocalyptic
  Killing them Softly 2012 4 Crime
  Snowpiercer 2013 5 Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
  Thirst 2009 5 Drama, Fantasy, Horror
  The Host 2006 4 Action, Drama, Horror
  Akira 1988 5 Animation, Action, Drama
  End of Evangelion 1997 5 Animation, Action, Drama
  Prometheus 2012 2 Sci-Fi Space Aliens
  Blade Runner 1982 5 Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  Battle Royale 2000 4 Action, Adventure, Drama Murder Gameshow
TV Shows      
  Utopia 2013 4 Drama, Sci-Fi
  Squid Game 2021 3 Sci-Fi, Murder Gameshow
  Neon Genesis Evangelion 1995 5 Animation, Action, Drama
  Cowboy Bebop 1998 5 Animation, Action, Adventure
  Prey 2017   Action, Shooter
  Resident Evil Village 2021 3 Action, Horror, Shooter
  Resident Evil 2 2019 4 Survivial Horror
  Monster Hunter Rise 2021 4 Fantasy
  Ghost of Tsushima 2020 3 Historical Fiction
  Dark Souls 2011 5 Fantasy

Rating System

The basis for my rating system is entirely so I can more easily recommend and find films to rewatch. They are ranked completely based on how much I would ever want to rewatch or recommend something.

1 Terrible — would not want to rewatch ever
2 Bad — but had some entertainment value
3 Good — would recommend to some or rewatch on occasion
4 Great — would recommend and rewatch anytime, but not perfect
5 Perfect — recommend everyone see for entertainment value or artistic merit


TODO The House that Jack Built

TODO Monsieur Lazhar

TODO The Lighthouse

TODO In the Earth


[2021-11-12 Fri]

Having just watched Aniara this week I was looking for something with a similar vibe. This definitely fit that, but I feel like my expectations from Aniara made me enjoy this less. Where Aniara waste's no time Melancholia is constantly stopping for the sake of symbolism. Still overall a very good movie and I might increase my rating of it in the future.

One of the most accessible Lars Von Trier movies I've seen.


I really liked Justine's portrayal of depression. It felt extremely real and genuine. However I felt the introduction of her character's clairvoyance undermined it in the third act.


[2021-11-11 Thu]

Very good slow space science fiction movie.

I really like these new small budget science fiction movies like High-Life and Prospect that explore new ideas beyond just showcasing special effects. Not to say the special effects are bad, all these films play to their strengths and look great as well. Of those movies this one is definitely the saddest, but also feels like the most real and grounded. It's easy to get swept up into the narrative and characters and be really impacted by the story.

The movie is actually a based on a famous Swedish poem of the same name by Harry Martinson. You can read an English translation of the poem here.

Come to Daddy

[2021-11-09 Tue]

Pretty fun good twists through the whole movie. Overall entertaining.

The Last Days on Mars

[2021-11-08 Mon]

Good set design and effects. I liked that the buildings felt very real and also very reminiscent of the spaceship in Alien.


I was disappointed the twist turned out to be zombies. Zombies in space is not that interesting.

There's Someone Inside Your House

Worst movie I've seen this year. Not very interesting and the twist at the end was very obvious. Only funny bit was when the church girl turned out to have recorded a white supremacist podcast. If all of the kids secrets were crazy like that it would have been a much better movie.

Creep 2

[2021-10-16 Sat]

Good sequel, does things different than the original, but still manages to maintain tension throughout the movie. Still an extremely "indie" feeling movie, but really works.

Hostel: Part III

[2021-10-10 Sun]

Definitely the worst of the Hostel movie. Lacks any of the comedy or charm of the first two movies. Less gross than the first two, but that just adds to the movie being boring.


[2021-10-10 Sun]

His House

Really good horror movie. Initially I thought it was just going to be about the horror and alienation immigrants experience, but then it gets spooky. Honestly, both sides of that were handled very well. The supernatural elements did not undermine the main themes.


High Life


The Ritual

Pretty good horror movie, good aesthetics and situation. Characters kinda get annoying at times.


I know a lot of people really like Ari Aster films, but for me they all just miss. I don't find the symbolism deep or particularly interesting. If anything the messaging at time is too heavy handed.

That being said, Ari Aster does know how to create extremely interesting and beautiful visuals. This movie definitely nails that aspect.


See my thoughts on Midsommer they are basically the same opinions. I felt like the third act really takes off out of nowhere.

The Holy Mountain

A movie that is not for everyone, but everyone should consider watching.

Children of Men

Perhaps my favorite film. Feels extremely relevant every time I watch it.

Only complaint is that scene when that windshield shatters.

Killing them Softly

Really good simple crime/mob movie.



Best vampire movie I've ever seen.

The Host


End of Evangelion


It's not as bad as some people say. At time the effects are quite interesting to watch like with the anamotric alien head or in the fantastic surgery scene. Michael Fassbender steals the show as the android David, and is great in the sequal as well. Ultimately its the inconsistent tone and a plot that feels like it was just written to justify disjointed action scenes leaves a lot to be desired.

I'll note while Alien (1971) is one of my favorite movies I am not a purist. I even like Alien Resurrection.

Blade Runner

Battle Royale

TV Shows


[2021-11-08 Mon]

Great show. Good balance of twists without getting corny.

Squid Game

[2021-09-28 Tue]

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Cowboy Bebop



Resident Evil Village

[2021-10-25 Mon]

Pretty good but really peaks at the castle and never quite rises back to that level. Not enough default enemy variety.

Resident Evil 2


Really fun quick game. I've never played the original (or any other Resident Evil games) so it was a very fresh and fun experience. Loved the retro puzzle solving and key hunting. Graphics were superb, gore effects were fanatic.

I played through both Claire and Leon's story so I could get the true ending. I'd recommend playing as Claire first then Leon that way you can get used to exploring the police station before getting hunted by Mr. X.


I was disappointed that in secret evil lab the escalation from huge fleshy monsters in the sewers is to lame plant zombies. Now maybe I have too many house plants, but personally I'm not scared of plants.

Monster Hunter Rise

[2021-05-10 Mon]

Great iteration on the Monster Hunter formula. I like how the game is more streamlined than Monster Hunter World. World was my first time playing the series and I found it a bit overwhelming. I never used things like the

Impressive how the graphical downgrade to put Monster Hunter on the Switch is not that noticeable. Monsters still look fantastic. The only thing I miss is the insanely confusing maps from World. The maps are good, but the labyrinthine design of the maps in World made the feel gigantic.

which was my first Monster Hunter game)I like it a bit more than Monster Hunter World. I mainly like how the game is more streamlined. Tlets be honest the tracking system in Monster Hunter World was so dumbed)

because it's much more streamlined , especially since Monster Hunter has always been a great game to play while watching TV.

Ghost of Tsushima

Beautiful game, pretty good story. The combat is okay, but starts to get stale towards the end of the game, and its difficult to shake up as other options like steal are horribly broken.

Lots of cool outfits, but you'll end up only ever wearing the traveler's outfit 90% of the time as it vibrates your controller when you are near points of interest/collectibles.

Dark Souls


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